Album: Day 6 - Caribbean Cruise
Date Created: Sat Feb 1 13:24:34 MST 2014
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Into Day 6 of our cruise. We are on our way back to Orlando and will be on the sea for 2 days.

Spent the entire day at the sundeck with a live band in between other activities, and whatever competitions at the pool side, and of course Nora's daily Zumba routines at the poolside. With all that food and dining we've been treating ourselves lately, seems inevitable we do our share of long laps at the tracks at the sundeck.

Tonight was another party night, the "Dancing In The Street - 70s/Disco theme" at the Promenade. And since we are now out in the open ocean, a little rocking of the ship every now and then didn't seem to bother us a bit. If you're out there with these crazy crowd? No, you can't seem to have time to notice!

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