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A photo from the Album: 11Jan2015 - Day 14 - Nuevo Vallarta Mexico
Date Created: Mon Jan 12 12:51:26 MST 2015
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First stop: the famous Hidden Beach of Marietas Islands, a good 75meter swim from where we anchored, past a cave inlet...

Depending on the tides, this inlet is impassable because of the low head ceiling Fortunately, when we got there the tide was low. However, my wife and I were the last ones to arrive the hidden beach. Just before the mouth of the cave inlet, Nora lost one of her foot fins. With a camera on one hand and towing Nora on the other, I had a hard time making head way and most of the time was pushed back by the strong current. By the time we got to the mouth of the cave, we were held back by the strong current and no matter how much I paddled with my legs, we were not gaining an inch but losing instead losing. One of the crew who noticed us struggling came to our rescue. Mucho gracias amigo!

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