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What A Surprise!
- a photo blog from Roy Malinao's photoJournals

What a morning surprise! We got SNOWED in today! I know we had the normal Calgary snowfall the day prior -- not too light, not too heavy either, except for the blowing snow where it was almost impossible to trek along side roads.

Well, this morning was no different; at least what I thought, until my son was ready to head out for work. Our driveway or at least the driveways along the side of our street, were all clear. However, the actual street and the driveways at the other side opposite ours were at least buried in snow, some up to 4ft high. It was then when I've noticed most of the neighbors were already digging out from the storm.

I had to prep and take out our garden tractor quick. And for those who happen to live in the usual urban Calgary setting with those small frontyards and backyards: yes, a garden tractor! I know I will have a major use for this tractor which we originally brought with us when we moved to Calgary -- and this time is that time!

I had to cut a path on opposite sides of our street all the way to the nearest street corner so our neighbors can drive through.

It was cold but I felt warm inside knowing I had helped the neighbors...

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

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